Sangiovese made by Fattoria Monticino Rosso has specific features that make it recognizable thanks to alluring connotations olfactory and gustatory. The nervous character of this noble grape is expressed through the freshness of the fruit like cherries and berries . Sangiovese has a lot of shades of flowers and spices that help to create a fascinating symphony, which form the background of intense tannins , but with great finesse. The harvest of our Sangiovese S is about to half of September. The grapes are harvested by hand , in small boxes , with careful selection of grapes


This wine is the wine to drink everyday. The label suggests the convivial atmosphere of our land and our people. What you’ll find in this wine are scents that identify the immediate beauty of the Romagna area . Good intensity and and persistence on the nose: cherries, black cherries , coffee, then the flowers that bloom gently in the shade of the undergrowth with moss and wild strawberries . The finish is dry, with hints of fruit cooked in sugar and mild spices . The taste has a good balance between the “gentle” and the more “nervous ” , which highlights the main characteristic of the grape. It has a good fullness of body and acidity well-modulated continues to tickle the taste buds long . The tannins are well integrated into the structure, strong, fine grain.


Blackberries, plums, cherry , blackcurrant , blueberry, iris flowers , red roses and violets dried , bark, coffee shades


Grilled meat , hard cheeses and medium-aged , pasta with seasonings important , flavored meats , game, noodles with truffles and especially with a classic cuisine of Romagna: noodles with meat sauce (taglatelle with ragu). Try it also with grilled mackerel and mullet .

Serving Suggestions

Serving temperature: 16 -18 ° C in glasses for red wine with body