Codronchio from Fattoria Monticino Rosso is the pride of our winery, one of the most representative wines and we have dedicated this wine to Codronchi , Imola lords who owned and farmed the land where today stands the Fattoria Monticino Rosso . With this wine we want to keep alive the tradition of our country and at the same time offer a wine that mirror the characteristics of the hills of Imola.
Codronchio is made by Albana dry late harvest . It comes from a careful selection of grapes from our cru, and is harvested by hand, a bunch at a time, with loving care and only when they begin to appear the first traces of noble rot (botrytis cinerea) . It is a painstaking job with multiple steps in vineyard , because the grapes harvest by hand as they are attacked by botrytis .
What we offer is a wine that year after year is consistent with the harvest , more and more mature and complex . Every year gives us a different story , always starting from a great base . The challenge is to capture the characteristics of the territory in the bottle, but that spark of inspiration that makes the difference between a good wine and a big one . The secret is botrytis , which we learned about year after year , to understand how mold affects the flavor and makes the wine much deeper , with that special touch that every wine lover loves . This is Codronchio : a noble wine , with a large mineral filler, which can defy the years with a decade of aging , but always starting from grapes , because they are the flavors of the terroir to emerge.


Gold with green tints. Nose opens with a riot of a mineral aromas , then slowly emerge flowers and yellow fruit fits with elegance. In support of this wealth we have herbs , perfumes, iodine , reflecting the minerality of the soil from which it was born .
The palate is juicy, dry , full-bodied , with a persistence that caresses the palate with a peak of flavor. The freshness and ‘ well-dosed and manifests itself through waves of citrus and flows for all the wine , making it vibrant , complex, an incredible finesse . The final envelops the entire mouth with a nice roundness; resurface notes of fruit and flowers that leave a trail mineral enjoyable. The aging potential is significant: at least 15 years of age.


Apricot , honey, acacia , almond, medlar, wisteria , grapefruit, barley , yellow peach , broom, yellow rose, apricot , hazelnuts, orange zest , lime zest , papaya , pineapple, hints of sage and thyme.


It goes very well with vegetable soups , pasta sauces with fish and seafood , omelettes and vegetable pies. Mixed fried seafood , sushi , noodles with sea urchins , Thai, Indian curry, roast meats , shellfish. Also try with foie gras and terrine with spiced , saffron risotto , tofu , chicken in aspic , brains , sweetbreads . As an aperitif will be a success .

Serving Suggestions

Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C in glasses for white wines of the body.